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Actions Speak Louder Than Words
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Core Values

We care about people – the ones we work with and the ones we work for. We are committed to each other and upholding the values we share.


For us, integrity is everything: Ethics. Honesty. Transparency. Impartiality. Accountability. And the way people and systems work together to perform.


Good enough will never be good enough. We will be ever vigilant to look for more and better ways to assure both quality and revenue-enhancement services for our clients.


Doing as our clients ask makes us good. Going beyond to understand and do what they need, but didn’t ask for, makes us great.


Though we take pride in our expertise, we place a premium on every opportunity to gain knowledge about markets, efficiencies, and our customers’ needs.


When it comes to serving our clients, working with suppliers, and working together as a team, we will always seek the greater good for all.


We will continually adjust our process to respond to market trends, to address situations, and to meet the needs of our clients.


We work in an atmosphere of openness. We are accountable to each other and to our clients. We keep our commitments and make it right when we fall short.


Change and complexity present challenges that require creative solutions, a new way to look at what is and think of what could be.

  • Curtis Downs

  • Brad Downs

  • Patrick Goodwin

  • Ben Mrva

    EVP - Business Development
  • Chris Taylor

  • Neil Whittaker

    CEO, SRM Europe
  • Robert Koehler

    EVP - Project Management
  • Mike Carter

    Executive Vice President
  • Myron Schwarcz

    Executive Vice President
  • Jim Kurtz

    EVP – Packaging & Manufacturing Practice
  • Leonardo Avalos

    Junior Software Developer
  • Jason Berman

    SVP - Business Development
  • Richard Bissett

    Managing Director, SRM Europe
  • Monica Blair

    Office Manager & Controller
  • Gene Ciemny

    VP - Project Management
  • Rob Coile

    Project Management
  • Dana Davis

    SVP - Business Development
  • Sanjiv Desai

    SVP - Information Technology
  • Phillip Foster

    VP - Client Relationship Management
  • Lee Gerard

    Consulting Director - SRM Europe
  • Andrew Gordon

    VP - Project Management
  • Cody Harrell

    SVP - Project Management
  • Ken Hayes

    SVP - Strategic Solutions
  • Connor Heaton

    VP - Intelligent Automation
  • Kim Lyons

    Executive Assistant
  • Bret Herbert

    SVP - Project Management
  • Kim Howell

    Business Development
  • Jane Kendall

    VP - Data Analytics
  • Steve Lacombe

    VP - Business Development
  • Brent Lapp

    SVP - Business Development
  • Beth Martin

    Marketing & Sales Associate
  • Shannon Martin

  • Jesse McGannon

    VP - Advisory Services
  • Mark Mrva

    VP - Project Management
  • Rebekah Nussbaum

    Business Development
  • Emily Prater

    Administrative Assistant
  • Larry Pruss

    SVP - Project Management
  • Simon Rose

    Senior Manager - SRM Europe
  • Danica Rubin

    Project Management - TAB
  • Garrett Ruderman

    Project Management
  • Micki Schueler

    VP - Client Relationship Management
  • Tom VanSlochem

    Project Management
  • Sisa Wang

    Marketing & Communications Specialist
  • Richard Whiddon

    SVP - Business Development
  • Patti Wubbels

    SVP - Business Development
  • Uma Zielinski

    SVP - Business Development