Massachusetts Bankers Association Announces Strategic Resource Management as a Preferred Vendor

Recognizes SRM’s ability to strengthen community banks

Boston, MA – Massachusetts Bankers Association (MBA), has announced its recent partnership with Strategic Resource Management (SRM), an independent advisory firm for financial institutions. SRM underwent a thorough review process in order to achieve Preferred Vendor status with MBA, which includes reviewing references, financial information, and service outcomes.

SRM helps lower costs, enhance revenues, automate costly manual processes, and provide strategic consulting for banks across the US.  Over 700 clients have benefited from the firm’s involvement in critical, complex decisions for payments, digital banking, core processing, artificial intelligence, and operational cost control. Using industry-leading subject matter expertise, proprietary database of critical market information, and countless hours negotiating with vendors, SRM has delivered billions of dollars in value to banks across North America.

“MBA has interviewed and considered a number of similar firms during the last three years and believe SRM is the best fit for our membership in style and performance. While larger community banks can experience significant savings, we’re excited that SRM also works with consortiums of smaller banks to negotiate mutual products/services” said Daniel J. Forte, President & CEO of the Massachusetts Bankers Association.

“Our firm is composed of seasoned financial services professionals whose careers have included successful tenures at banks, major card networks, payment companies, digital banking vendors, core providers, and many other companies that serve the industry.  We look forward to working with MBA to benefit their members in Massachusetts and New England” said Ken Hayes, SVP of Strategic Solutions at SRM.

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About Massachusetts Bankers Association:

The Massachusetts Bankers Association (MBA) is a multi-faceted banking trade group that represents about 145 banks. These institutions, large and small, are commercial, savings and co-operative banks, federal savings banks, savings and loan associations, and trust companies throughout the Commonwealth and New England. Together, our member banks manage an aggregate $27 trillion in assets under custody.

About Strategic Resource Management (SRM):

SRM (Strategic Resource Management) has served as a trusted advisor to more than 700 financial institutions to lower costs, enhance revenues, automate processes and provide strategic consulting in areas such as payments, digital banking, core processing and operational cost control. The company has unlocked billions of dollars in value and improved the competitive advantage of its clients with a reputation for industry-leading subject matter expertise, proprietary benchmark database, and proven negotiating skills. Visit for more information and follow the company @SRMCorp.