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Lower Costs, Higher Revenues, Automation

Don't Take Our Word For It

Uncovering Cost Savings

Optimizing Vendor Contract Negotiations

The number of third party options, variety of pricing models, and pace of market change have made selecting the right fit for vendor services challenging at best. SRM’s cost reduction offerings – including RFP services, vendor scorecards, contract negotiations, and conversion management – can add millions of value to your bottom line.

Keys In Vendor Relations

Add To The Top Line

Revenues Seldom Hide In Plain Sight

87% of financial institutions do not have an enterprise payments strategy. SRM’s revenue enhancement offerings – including payment enterprise mapping and gap analysis, revenue opportunity prioritization, and program management – help banks and credit unions improve their top line and grow their fee income.

How Disruption Can Add Value

Automation Lowers Spend

There Has Never Been A Time When Efficiency Was More Important

Studies show that 10% of critical vendor invoices contain errors. Over months and years these errors can add up to hundreds of thousand dollars. SRM’s Vendor Invoice Auditing service is powered by AI and let’s you know if there are errors before you pay the invoice. Many back office processes can be automated and save an institution millions per year.

Want Zero to Hero?

Be Farsighted

Recent Events Have Us Heads Down

Especially now, near term dynamics require more focus. Before the crisis, SRM was improving its farsightedness. Our proprietary benchmarking tracks long term changes that have monetary impacts. Our vendos databases keep us current on existing and emerging technology and vendors. SRM invests in looking ahead so tomorrow is not a surprise for our clients.

What The Digital Future Holds