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Don’t Take Our Word For It


Revenues Up, Costs Down, More Power Added

SRM’s team includes individuals from regional and global card networks as well as banks and credit unions. Our experts help these institutions optimize their card portfolios, ensure that relationships with vendors deliver the value they should and leverage new technology such as biometrics and AI.

Making A Good Deal Great

Digital Banking

From Catch Up to Catch Me

Ten years after the introduction of the smartphone, consumers can scarcely navigate their lives without one. This reality has changed banking forever. Our SRM digital banking team applies its skills in digital banking to assist banks and credit unions with everything from digital transformation strategies to vendor selection.

Avoid Digital Death

Core Processing

New Options that Differentiate

The introduction of component-based systems, micro services, embedded analytics, and cloud computing in the core processing space offers financial institutions a number of competitive differentiators. SRM assists banks and credit unions in identifying, evaluating, selecting, and negotiating with core processing that best fits their budgets, timelines, and strategies.

Consider Your Options

Operational Services

Economies of Scale

After a bank or credit union reaches a certain size, there is an opportunity to uncover hidden cost savings in a number of operational services – e.g., armored car, equipment maintenance, telecommunications, and consumer/business checks. SRM reviews hundreds of these types of services and has saved banks and credit unions millions.


Keeping TABs

Centralize, Automate, Audit and Benchmark

SRM’s Tracking, Auditing, and Benchmarking (TAB) contract and vendor management platform is a cloud-based software that allows banks and credit unions to store any contract, automate any contract's milestones, centralize vendor due diligence documents, conduct vendor risk ratios, tracking contract expenses/savings, audit invoices and benchmark contract terms, pricing as well as incentives against current market indicators.

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